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以往在香港, 歲晚時份都會幫媽媽入紅包...不外乎$20及$50....至親的$100, $500(家庭成員的生日紅包), 媽媽會不假手於人, 親自入封..

來了新加坡五年多, 收到的紅包不超過20個, 皆因此地在公司派紅包的風俗不如香港盛行(Working at Chinese New Year in SG). 不過已經習慣了...反正每年回港, 媽媽都會把親戚給我的紅包一次過交給我.....



 今年因為要幫男朋友入紅包分給職員, 工人, 親戚, 第一次到銀行排隊換新鈔, 第一次入新加坡式的紅包....



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The SG MRT has an EZ link card which serves the same function as HK's Octopus card. Apart from auto add value from credit cards, commuters can also choose to top up from their bank account, which is called GIRO.

My friend has always wanted to do GIRO link for his EZ Link card to save time and hassle. Yet he was told to wait until the MRT company launched the new generation of EZ Link card in Sept.

Finally when Sept came, he went to the nearby MRT station (Lavender) to try to do the link up at the ticket machine himself. However, only the senior citizens and students concession cards could be done via ticket machine. The other three adult EZ-Link cards could not.

As the Machine kept rejecting the registration, my friend went to the Contol booth to check with the staff on duty and was told that to GIRO adult EZ link cards can only be done at ticket counter which was closed then.

At about 5.20 pm on the 26 Sep 2006 we proceeded to the MRT at Clark Quay, the same thing happened. So when we went to the customer counter for enquiry, the staff simply pointed to the sign display on the counter glass which directed customers to the nearest MRT station i.e.China Town MRT to do that.

10 mins later, we arrived at China Town MRT, same thing happened again. Then we called the Translink hotline and was told that North-East line are not programmed to do GIRO link but all stations at the EW (green) line would be able to.

As we were on the way to meet friends at the East side, we dropped by Kambagan MRT at around 6.45 pm to check why we still can't use the machine to GIRO the cards. Then we were again advised to go to Eunos MRT as there's a ticket counter to process GIRO link.

Upon reaching the ticket counter at Eunos MRT, we were told that the only way to apply for GIRO link for adult EZ link cards is to submit an application form and ticketing machines could only do GIRO link for concession cards.

We were running around 4 MRT stations in town in less than 2 hrs interacting with about 10 MRT staff. I was very surprised and also disappointed with such lacking of communication things and incompetent customer services incidents could happened in SG, somemore it's the public transportation network which they claimed to have 800,000 commuters per day.

My friend is a senior Singaporean and he made the below statement :

It is a complete letdown about the system in Singapore. It is the first time in my 63 years as a Singaporean that I cannot lift up my heademotion

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栗子是栗樹的果實, 現在炒栗子是一種民間小吃, 可是從前卻是矜貴貢品, 清朝時叫[貢栗], 日本幕府時叫[獻上栗].

小時候炒栗子是冬天的小吃, 特別是嚴冬時天氣寒冷, 抱著一包熱呼呼的炒栗子在懷中真是溫暖滿人間~~ 現在卻不限時令, 一年四季都可以買到. 雖然已經進步到用機器代替人手操作, 我仍然覺得人手炒的栗子是特別美味, 可惜真是不多見哩.


栗子結果時外層長滿了刺, 好像刺蝟, 初採下時是青綠色, 放久了會枯成棕色, 切開刺蝟外殼就可以取出光滑的栗子, 再破開堅硬的栗子殼會見到薄薄的外層, 去掉這外皮就可以煮食. 煮成各種菜餚及甜點例如 :栗子炆雞,栗子旦糕等等...

Chestnut is the fruit of  Chestnut tree (that’s obvious, right?), used to be very expensive and high-class food.  It used to be imperial food in olden China and Japan.

Chestnut used to be a Winter snack when I was a kid.  Holding a bag of hot chestnuts in freezing Winter made you feel so warm.  With the advance technology, chestnut is no longer a seasonal snack now and you can enjoy it anytime of the year.

Now we can see hawkers using machine to fry chestnuts, I still find those hand-fried chestnuts yummier :P~

When chestnut is ripe, it looks like a green hedgehog.  After picked and left for a period ot time, it will turn brownish, opened it up and you will see the fruit with the skin.  Skinned it then you would find the fruit that is ready for cooking – Chicken stew with chestnuts or chestnut cake

PictureChestnut stalls 栗子檔

PicturePicturehedgehog chestnuts [刺蝟]栗子

Pictureraw chestnuts 脫掉刺蝟外衣
Picturemachine frying chestnuts 機器炒栗子 

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新加坡服務業水準之差, 又一鐵證!!

腰患未癒, 已經又腰封, 又熱水袋地持續上班一個星期.  昨天中午又無啦啦搞肚痛, 由於有
CA19-9 的陰影, 加上下星期要回香, 便馬上到鄰近的公司指定診所看醫生. 
診症後順便向醫生咨詢驗血的手續 (要預申報, 批核了才能豁免, 否則要自費. 當然要非常謹慎)
醫生說 :[我把你的檔案交給姑娘, 姑娘會馬上聯絡公司的保險代理查證豁免與否, 可以於今天替你抽血.]
我把病歷交給姑娘, 等待了大約五分鐘, 便問她大約要等多久(因為到了我的下班時間, 可以回公司收拾細軟回頭才抽血.
姑娘說 : [不用等, 已經安排了護士替你抽血]
[那麼快已經拿了豁免?] 我問.
[CA19-9是包括在內, 不用申報.]
[即是全數都會算在診療咭, 我不用付款?]emotion
[對] 她肯定地答覆.
痛得大叫地被護士小姐插穿血管抽血後, 約十五分鐘拿了止痛藥(背部)及胃藥, 便怱忙地走向地鐵站赴約(時為四時廿分).....手提電話响起來.
[Grace? 不好意思, 是診所打來的....你還沒有付驗血的費用, 麻煩折返付款]
[是嗎? 讓我問問她, 你等等....]之後電話另一端靜下來
爭取時間emotion的我當然一邊拿著電話, 一邊行向地鐵站, 不然為什麼叫"流動電話"emotion
[喂, 容小姐, 不好意思, 不能算在診療咭, 你要回來付款emotion.]
[我跟你同事查證, 她說不用付款的]
[她是新來的, 你快回來繳款吧]
[醫生在診症, 不能轉駁]
[我趕時間, 明天來可以嗎?]
[抽血是今天做, 繳款也必須在今天]
[我已經在地鐵站, 實在沒辦法折返付款, 明天吧]
[哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈.......地鐵站, 你不要開玩笑, 只是很短時間, 那有可能已經到達地鐵站, 你回來付帳吧]
那時我已經被她弄得很生氣, 她把電話交到之前替我查證的姑娘.
[對不起, 容小姐, 是我的錯]
[我問得那麼仔細, 你又答得那麼肯定, 現在你告訴我要我付款?]
[梳哩,梳哩,梳哩,梳哩..... ]
[你那個同事更離譜, 明天付款都不滿, 一定要今天付, 好像我會為了那驗血手續費而潛逃似的;emotion]
[不是的, 其實你來拿報告時付款也可以]
[如果要自己付款我就不驗血啦. 你們才剛剛拿了我的血, 什麼化驗工序都未開始, 我不驗了, 丟掉我的血吧emotionemotionemotionemotion]
[還有, 你那個同事不相信我已經到達地鐵站, 你們的診所就在地鐵站上蓋, 你告訴我要多久才步行抵達? 我現在在月台, 你叫仔她下來證明我有沒有說謊, emotion你們不弄清楚就替我抽血, emotion根本就是浪費我的時間, emotion現在我不介意浪費我的血液, 丟-了-它!!!emotionemotionemotion我不知道你們的診所是愈怎麼一回事, 極差的服務態度, 不知所謂的診所.emotionemotionemotionemotionemotion]

Yesterday afternoon, there's sudden acute pain at my tummy, since I have the history of CA19-9

I was a bit worrying of this sudden pain. So I went to see the panel doctor at the next block. After consulting the doctor, I asked her if she can check for approval for the blood test for CA19-9 (as I have to do it annually).

Doc said, "Ok, I will pass the info to my nurse, they will check on the spot for the approval then they will do the bloodtest for you if it's approved".

As I was waiting, I asked the registration staff whether the approval is granted or not, she replied, "No need la, for CA19-9, approval is not required. The nurse is preparing to take blood sample from you. "

I asked, "So everything will be charged to the (corporate insurance) card?"

"YES" she replied firmly with a smile.

Then the nurse poked my right arm (but she said the vein is so deep that she couldn't take the blood). Then she poked my left arm as well

20 mins later, I collected my prescription (as I still need the gastric medicine for my tummyache, the muscle relaxer and gel for my backache). Then I walked out of the clinic.

2 mins later, my handphone rang - ""Hi Ms Yung, it's from the clinic....""


"Sorry, you have to come back and make payment for the bloodtest."

"huh? No need, it's charged to the card, your staff told me."

"Ok, let me check....."

(I was on my handphone => aka "mobile" phone, of course I didn't stand still on the spot while waiting for her check)

By the time she returned to the phone, I was at the entrance of the turnstile at the MRT station (The clinic is on top of the MRT station).

"Checked already, your card can't cover the bloodtest, please come back to make payment now."

"I checked with your staff and she told me it's chargeable to the card."

"Oh, she's new."

"Then can you transfer me to Doc xxxx?"

"She's seeing patient. Please return to make payment."

"I am at MRT already, I am in a hurry. Can I make the payment tomorrow?""

""hahahahah... can't be at MRT la, it's just a shortwhile. U have the bloodtest today, u have to settle the payment today. ....Just come back to make payment...come and make payment." (she repeated herself few times w/o listening to me!!

"Hi, Ms Yung, I m sorry...blah blah blah...""(it's the "new" staff). "Can you come back and make the payment?"

"I offered to make payment tmr as I m in a hurry, your staff insisted I must pay todayemotion. Seems like I would leave the country becos of that stupid bloodtest moneyemotionemotionemotion. Besides, she didn't believe I am at MRT already, u want to tell her to come down to the platform to check out if I m lying or not?emotion "

"You just took my blood and no lab test has been done, then I don't want to do bloodtest. Throw away my blood la.... emotionThrow away my bloodemotionemotionemotion, I don't want to do any bloodtestemotion. U are wasting my time and my blood!@@ Wat kind of service it isemotion? And wat a lousy clinic yours is??emotionemotionemotionemotion "

The above conversation was loud and clear at Raffles Place MRT platform (towards Jurong) at around 4:25pm 27 April 2009.

STUPID PEOPLE and POOR POOR Customer service !!!! Bloody Hell!!!

Dear Friends : it's the private clinic at 2/F of Clifford Centre towards the corridor to Hitachi Tower (there's another one right at the top of the escalator, don't mix up~~) ....... emotionemotionemotionemotionemotionemotionemotion

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無啦啦整親條腰, 又就快返香港 (5月5日-11日, 手提電話 +852 5127-5827)
阿施你有冇睇呢個blog ar?? emotion

回[香]探親, 當然會帶超級多土產食物, 行李會超重咁上下..
因此腰患必須痊癒....於是西醫, 中醫, 針灸, 中藥...什麼都試.  

人生第一次煲中藥材湯 ->  桑寄生杜仲湯


杜仲5錢Picture西施骨一斤 Picture



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當值輪班的房東及房東太太剛好休假, 在家預備家常便飯招待遷居的已婚兒女.....
雖然只是家常飯 - 雜菌素炒蝦, 清蒸倉魚, 薑炆雞, 蘿蔔魷魚煲雞腳....





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要不是香港人同事回[香]探親當手信佩帶回來, 我都不知道百力滋有這麼香港地道的味道...
香港魚翅香港海鮮料理味 -

朋友說要到遊客區的"0食密雨"才能買到, 我拿了手信卻捨不得吃emotion....不要問我味道如何....嘻嘻.

Poo 99 | 14th Mar 2009, 10:17 AM | Travel Log | (492 Reads)

When my Hong Kong friends came to Singapore for holiday, 80% of them would make a trip to Bintan.  I knew Bintan is a popular destination for Hong Kong people but I have been in SG for over 4 years and never been there.

As for Batam, local people said it's like Shenzhen to Hongkong people - Ladies go for Spa / Massage and Men go for prostitution @@. 

After a few days research, I set off to Batam Island in the morning of 8 March 2009.....

My first trip to Indonesia,
My first trip to Resort,
My first trip to Spa.... 

The resort was not near to city centre, it's near to the Waterfront Ferry Terminal -> Harris Resort Batam

My travel buddy was smart and frugle enough to find a super value pack -> SG$138 includes :
1 double room for 1 nite
Spa package - 30 mins body scrub
                        1.5 hrs body msg
                         30 mins jaccuzi
1 breakfast and 1 lunch included
free hotel transfer to and from ferry terminal and to Nagoya Hill shopping mall.

It's good value and the hotel service was great..... you maybe able to have better value package at

Batam Spa Trip
login :
password : 12345




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Donuts have been a boom for the last couple of years in SG.  People would queue up for hours for it.  Yet I don't like those deep-fried oily dough from the popular donut shops......... Picture

My choice is the donut shop at basement of Takashimaya.  It's not as popular as the oily donut shops so you never need to queue for purchase.  My all time favourite is the choco star-shaped coated with almonds (in the pic)emotion.  The normal price is $1.65/pc.  And their freshly brewed coffee is only $1.0

So, the total price of the set in the photo should be $2.75/set.  But.......

They have special promotion set for 1 donut (choice from the shelves) + a cup of coffee at $2.20 during 10am-12pm daily (including weekends and PHs).   

Of course one has to be free to be there during the odd hours 10am - 12pm~

Bon Appetite emotion


Poo 99 | 14th Feb 2009, 22:40 PM | Poolog | (413 Reads)

My V day choco for him (I did the packaging myself, 成担心機架emotion)

We went to Takashimaya and he bought this one for me ~~
(my first ever Valentine's giftemotionemotionemotion)