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Poo 99 | 26th Aug 2005, 19:16 PM | Cultural Difference | (477 Reads)

This is about a little gal from China who was molested (not confirmed though but the forensic pathologist doesn't rule it out) and murdered in Oct 2004.

The below was written end of Nov 2004

Few days when I landed in SG, I knew that there's a 8 yr old China gal
gone missing for over 1 week. Well, we know it's not uncommon for
cases like this. But in SG, ppl from all over the place including local
Sg, xpats and many strangers who didn't know that gal's family went to
help located her... Someone even donated huge among of money to print out posters and flyers for taxi drivers to help spreading the news asking
for help.

She was last seen with a Malaysian guy who is a close friend of this
gal and her Mom. That Malay guy was questioned by police for 2 times and
released since the SG ppl said there's no proof that he's in connection
w/ this case. Although his passport was detained by SG police, he
managed to return to Malaysia!! Few days later, he surrendered himself to
Malaysian Police n was sent back to SG. <- SG ppl r shocked how he can
get back to Malaysia w/o a valid document

The next day, a highly decomposed naked gal's body was found. Huang Na
was dead. It is a sad thing. Then this news shocked the entire SG
city. Strangers sent in condolesences money and toys to the gal's place..
Believe it or not, the $$$ tops up to a huge amount of $$.. and for the
funeral parade of this gal that held few days ago, it was more
spectacular than the superstars' funeral in HK.. some strangers even flew in from Indonesia / Malaysia just to pay a respect to her. Maybe u'll think
I m cold blooded, but I do think this is incredible for a Hongkie like
me to observe.

P.S. The parents are now taking back a huge amount of donation from
Huang Na's death.. .they said they have to leave SG ASAP cos they are fed
up for being asked for the exact amount of gratitude money ........ for
sure they can be very wealthy back home with such money


Poo 99 | 26th Aug 2005, 19:13 PM | Cultural Difference | (561 Reads)

Few months back, I was having a very bad migraine when having dinner at Bugis (somewhere near town). The migraine was so bad that I had to throw up and tears came falling fr my right eyes uncontrollably.

Eventually my friends advised me to see doc at Bugis Raffles Hosp where it has emergency reception and is 24 x 7.
When I was registering, my right head has killing pain and I just didn't want to say anything to the receptioning nurse.
Then the doc saw me and asked what happened. I told him I had a bad migraine and an upset stomach. After checking my condition, the doc said "so why r u crying my dear?".... I was burst into tears and said "the pain is killing~~". Then he gave me 1 injection to stop the pain and I requested for another injection to stop my stomach cramp.
He put me in a bed at the emergency unit and told me to rest for 1 hr as observation. He said if I felt ok after an hr, then I could go home. Although the emergency unit was quite noisy, I was like semi-conscious during that time and the pain has gone when he woke me up after an hour.
Then I felt much better and went home....

Poo 99 | 26th Aug 2005, 11:47 AM | Pooparazzi | (358 Reads)

One of my 4 nieces visited SG for the past few days. She found SG very boring. She's only 16 and she said "I don't have enough time in HK even for the 24 hrs. However, in SG, time passed so slowly that I don't know how to kill time :(

I've been in SG for 10 months now, only been to movies for 2 times cos I m not a movie person and I don't want to waste money on bad movies.


Poo 99 | 19th Aug 2005, 21:36 PM | Cultural Difference | (414 Reads)
This happened end of 2004.....
I found the rental ad on the internet and went to see the flat. The owner said it's 'managed' and will be cleaned and looked after daily to maintain the cleaniness of the flat. Although it's right next to a Highway, he insisted it is quiet for resident to sleep.
After I moved in, I found out the place was filthy. Ants everywhere, not only in kitchen, but my bedroom and the lounge. Cooking utensils r smelly cos the owner put tons of menthol balls in the cupboard. And I felt like I m sleeping at the roadside due to the heavy traffic at Nicoll Highway all day long.
As I decided to move out, the owner got someone in talking to me in an intimidating way. Giving me numerous of notices with legal terms just to stressed me out.
Eventually I moved out cos I couldn't stand his nasty tricks mentally, physcially and psychologically.

Poo 99 | 18th Aug 2005, 18:26 PM | Travel Log | (663 Reads)
I went to Bangkok with a free tkt I won at company's annual dinner 2004. Although it's ticket for 2 ppl, I decided to go alone and forfeited the other tkt.
It was after 11pm when i landed in BKK and I was approached by many decently dressed taxi drivers outside arrival hall who charged me double of the normal cab fare (as I was told in advance by my friend about the taxi fare).
So I turned to the airport managed Taxi stand. Still, I was worry about the safety of a single woman getting a taxi about midnite in Thailand~~~... When I boarded on the taxi, I took out my handphone (there's no reception @ all) and talked loudly to the phone, "hey, I m in a taxi on the way to your place, will c u in 45 mins.. bye bye!"

Just to let the taxi driver knew that my friend is awaiting for me somewhere at my destination... kakakakak ...

Poo 99 | 18th Aug 2005, 18:04 PM | Pooparazzi | (310 Reads)

I finally trialled out the dragon boat rowing after being in SG for a few months.... when the
training started, guys were told to do chin-up and ladies have to do push-ups (@_@) I was like.. (Oh My god!!)..

Then was told how to hold the oar and practised for about 15 mins (already tired) while other rowers were practising running in the water park) Followed by actual dragon boat rowing. I was paired w/ another gal at the end (which is the easiest position of the whole boat).

The paddling was ok but my arm was already soared soon after we started... When asked if I was ok, I told the coach that I was dying.... >*< and he said "u have to do more training and exercise... " and I was thinking... "I m looking for some leisure exercise, not for a competitive game..."

Not long after we started, I felt like my arm didn't belong to myself and wanted to stop rowing. Yet, still need to struggle through to row back to shore. As soon as we were back to the shore for a break, I told them I couldn't take anymore and left. Gosh.. sooooooooo tiring.

The next day when I returned to office and was told by a friend that after doing dragon boat. there will be muscle built up at the scapula.. when I visualised that ... I decided not to continue dragon boating.... :P~

Instead, I signed up for Yoga courses.. been longing to do Yoga since I was still in HK. Now that Yoga centre is at the 1/F of my office so it's very convenient to go before/after work. The package was for 2 yrs... although I m not planning to stay in SG that long... but it's a better deal than 1.5 yrs... and is transferrable.. .. see if I can put my feet on my head soon :) kakakakakka

Poo 99 | 18th Aug 2005, 17:56 PM | Cultural Difference | (549 Reads)

A bit more update about SG... there are a lot of stray cats in SG but not many stray dogs. Below are some of the reasons given :
1. Cats r swifter than dogs when the RSPCA staff catching them, hence cats get away and stay safe and sound.
2. There are so many rats in SG that the SG ppl literally let the cats
go freely on the street.


Poo 99 | 18th Aug 2005, 17:50 PM | Pooparazzi | (305 Reads)

It's so good to be home after 4 months away working in Singapore, I was
so anxious and exciting when the departure date was drawing near....

The day when I landed @ HK airport, it was humid and warm like spring.
Then the next day it started to show its real face...... below 15 degrees!!! Imagine I was back fr tropical SG where I would sweat like hell just by walking across the street, it was tough for my body to adjust. Dont' mention the air pollution.... I sneezed daily until my nose was like Rudolph :(....

Apart from the horrible weather, it was good to be back. I have been soooooo busy catching up w/ friends (family is excluded, just 1 family gathering is enough cos they don't miss me as much as my friends, hahahahah ~). My lunch and dinner appointments were all fully booked on first-come-first-serve basis. Other friends have to squeeze in the high tea session / after dinner drinks session. If I have the money, I would prefer to book a venue and invite everyone to come, save so much time and hassle.....

Heheheh, I got so many lucky money from my family and friends even after CNY, that's traditional Chinese' traits :P~ feel good... and so many birthday blessings, gifts, meals... etc..etc... Still managed to play 1 volleyball game and 1 badminton session.... I reckon my bones are still working fine :P~

I got up around 9 sth in the morning, took a shower, then went out till midnite everyday, so not much time to go online... but if I m back to SG, my life will be hugging the PC daily :( .....

Anyway, thanks a lot to all of you who made my holiday back home so much fun, so special and so memorable. Looking forward to seeing you soon....

Lastly, I finally bought my first digicam, so I will be travelling around the neighbouring countries and upload photos for u all :) Stay tuned !!

After 12 days happy life home... I flew back to SG on a Tuesday.... landed SG @ 3:30pm, arrived home @ 5pm, unpacked the things, took a
shower and a quick nap. Now working overnite shift fr 7pm to 6am.... Tough !!!

Poo 99 | 18th Aug 2005, 17:36 PM | Cultural Difference | (400 Reads)

My first CNY in SG was to work from 7pm to 7am for CNY eve, the first and second nite of the CNY... :~(

Our mgr didn't think it's a big thing to work at CNY, so only gave out some money for our meal allowance.... Well, double pay is the standard for working on public holidays so it's not a previlege / benefit. It's 4:15am and I am at work, can u believe? It's my fault, I was supposed to work day shift but was too nice to swap w/ a Malaysian gal so that she could go back home for CNY... but, she kinda forgot I had done her such a favour, still whinging about her day time shift...bugger!

My CNY eve was horrible, was planning to get takeaway yesterday (CNY eve), didn't expect most of the restaurants (mind u, I m quite picky and fussy about food) closed for the CNY. And I didn't plan to have McDonald's or KFC for meal..... all restaurants around my lodging place were closed and I ended up have to mix instant noodles with corn beef ;( sad sad CNY eve for me.... felt so shitty :(

I found that SG are more emphasised on CNY than HK ppl. I personally think that's becos they have too many races (Malay, Chinese, Indians)... So when it comes to diff race's New Year, they would be full strength to decorate and celebrate. I experienced Hari Raya (Malay New Year), Deepavali (Indian NY) and now, CNY... @ race would do a lot to prepare for the big celebration. Whereas in HK, since over 80% (I assume) of us r chinese, and it's understood that it's a Chinese dominat community, hence the atmosphere of celebrating CNY is quite weak.

As I m in Sg, I think most of my Holidays would be heading home for 2005... After awhile, maybe I'll try to get out of Asia.. kakakak... Maybe missing HK, maybe missing my mom's CNY cooking,

It was super depressing when the entire office didn't give out red packets but my friends in HK kept updating me how many red packets they got from the 1st and 2nd day back to work fr CNY holiday... I don't like SG CNY :~(

Poo 99 | 18th Aug 2005, 09:31 AM | Pooparazzi | (358 Reads)
1. Big-eye-boy ~ Owner of this 5-star backpackers' place
He studied in London and was working in UK for about 10 yrs. When he reached 30, he decided to start his own business so he partnered w/ his Uni-mate to start
this backpackers' house buz.
He speaks fluent English and Mandarin but minimal Cantonese and he commented that I should brush-up my Mandarin if I m planning to stay in SG for long term. I don't think it's a must for me to improve my mandarin, especially to pick up the Singaporean accent Mandarin.. no way ~~
He is lazy to make his bed so he normally sleeps at the couch of the common hall where he could get up easily and no need to tidy his bed daily @ ~! He works very hard to maintain the cleaniness and hygiene of the hostel :)
2. Hunk ~ the ex-partner of Big-eye-boy who once co-run the hostel but now left.
He is a Hollander but his family is in London. He has a Indonesian GF in Sg who visited him sometimes at the hostel. He also worked hard to keep the hostel in its best shape.
He had his own bed at one of the big dormitories (10 bunk beds that can cater for 20 ppl @). I learnt fr Mark to use bedsheets and linens to make my bed = my room to create a bit of privacy when