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Poo 99 | 29th Sep 2005, 15:05 PM | Poolog | (497 Reads)

The other day I read an aritcle from "The Straits Times" The Singaporean reporter went to the Great Wall in China and experienced the disordered Mainland Chinese ppl and being ripped off by the local restaurants cos they r foreigners.

The SG reporter was furious and started to tell ppl off. In the end, she said, it's ugly to see the Mainland Chinese true colours but even more scarey to see the evil in herself was let go.

I like the comment she put in the article "Be the temperature, not the thermometer".


Poo 99 | 28th Sep 2005, 08:21 AM | Travel Log, Pootography, English | (1169 Reads)

I m not a pretty person, that's y I never checked myself before a mirror before leaving the house when I was still at school. Hence always had some hilarious look when arriving school, eg. messy hair, torned skirts, unbuttoned shirts, unzipped skirts....etc...etc....

So I never like to take photos cos I didn't want to keep my ugly look permanently on a piece of paper.

It's until primary 6 when I went to a school picnic at the Victoria Peak, one of my classmates brought her camera and we took a lot of photos (of course black & white). When the photos developed, they recalled our happy times on the Peak and I really enjoyed that feeling of capturing the happiness of a special occassion. Since then, I started to take photos all the time.

In general, Asian ppl like to take photos at the scene with themselves in the photo (to show others that "I HAVE BEEN HERE!") Whereas European (maybe Americans and Africans too) would like to take photos of the scene only, not necessarily to have themselves being snapshot in the photo.

During my younger days, I also liked to take those "I have been here" photos wherever I went. After staying overseas for a few years, I don't really need myself to be in the photo. Besides, if I m travelling alone, esp to those quite places like Adelaide (I waited for 15 mins w/o a passer-by!!), it's not quite possible to take photos with myself in it.

And, sometimes I do find ppl who were mistakenly captured in my scenic photos are annoying... :P- If got nth to do, I wouldn't mind bringing my camera and strolling around to take snapshots.


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Poo 99 | 26th Sep 2005, 03:23 AM | Poolog | (2581 Reads)
I went back to HK before the Moon Festival...Partly to search for the documentations to apply for permenant residence in Singapore, partly to buy the snowy mooncake from HK.
After spending 4 days "eating-drink-play-happy" in HK, I flew back to SG with my favourite snowy mooncake from Tai Pan (the most renowned and yummy snowy mooncake bakery in HK) on 12 Sept 2005.

Although the mooncakes needed to be keep in low temperature, I was planning to put in the plane's freezer... yet was told that they do not have a freezer, nor do they have any dry ice :(. Fortunately I had prepared some ice the nite before flying so the mooncakes landed in SG in good shape still :)~

Arriving "home" in SG, I was greeted by the hostel staff who asked if I got any souvenior for HIM. I showed him the mooncake and he said "I know u won't come back barehaned!" and he told the hostel owner, "She loves me..." Then I said "Nope, it's for the whole hostel, don't take it personal. I like this place." The Hostel owner was pleased. When he put the mooncakes into the fridge, I briefed him "Must share and keep some for me cos I myself haven't tasted it yet."

When it's the Moon Festival (18 Sept), I took them out to the fridge for defrosting. I went out to meet a friend around 10pm for abt 2 hrs. Shared tradtional mooncakes w/ my friends and my brother who's in town. Was planning to go home and enjoy my favourite yummy snowy mooncake on the full moon day :P~
(Just a footnote to non-chinese readers - Moon Festival is considered the 2nd biggest chinese festival in HK, just not as impt as CNY.. It has the meaning of Full and Perfect, especially representing a harmonised family / relationship)

When I stepped in the hostel, the staff said "Hey Grace, ur snowy mooncake fr HK was super delicious, thank you." I was surprised and I asked, "U finished it by urself? Or did u share w/ someone else?" He told me, "Oh, I shared w/ Miss XXX (A Malaysian woman whom he fancied about) ". I was like @@... u fancied abt her and u finished my mooncake w/ her on Moon Festival~~

I didn't say much then walked into the common room spotted that the Malaysian woman was reading newspaper in the room. I went to the fridge to find some snacks. The Malaysian woman finished reading and left the room. I was stunned.. Then the staff came in, I asked, "Did she know that the mooncakes were fr me?" He said "Yes~".

Then I just could not control anymore, I raised my voice and said, "I bought the mooncake all the way fr HK, tried so hard to keep them in temp and shape, not even have a taste. She ate my mooncakes and didn't even say THANK YOU?? SO RUDE!:" The staff responded "ha~HA~" I was furious and returned to my bed. (The Malaysian woman's bed was rite next to mine!!"
I was still pissed off the next day. But I didn't complain to the hostel owner since I know it's not related to his mgt. 2 days later, just happened to joke w/ him abt other things, then I told him I was pissed off by his staff. He asked me wat happened and he also commented "He didn't even leave some for me!!" He said "I heard u reminded him to share...." Then he said he would talk to the staff. After telling him the story, I added, "the point is, I could only get the yummy snowy mooncake fr HK... during Moon Festival.. There's no way anyone could compensate".

For the next few days, I didn't chat w/ him (friendly chats like before), completely no communication w/ the Malaysian woman. One day, he approached me said "Regarding the Mooncakes, it's a misunderstanding cos he thought the mooncakes were 'meant to be for him" (gosh, never realise my English is that bad) and it's all his fault for not making it very clearly to the Malaysian woman that the snowy mooncakes were from me. And they also shared w/ other hostellers. (How come this version of the story was so much diff from the one he told me on Moon Festival??" Good scriptwriter!

Then he took some food out and said he bought them for me. I said "U didn't have to.." Then he pushed the things to me and said "If anybody is to be blamed, it would be 100% me, there's nothing to do w/ Miss XXXX" Then he hugged me and said "still friends, rite?" I pushed him and said "Aiyo~". Then I accepted the food and put in my locker.
It's Moon Festival. Someone (I don't like) finished my favourite festival food bought from home and didn't show gratitude. I was super angry and pissed off! :~(

I may be stubborn, petty or childish..... It's not the monetary value, it's not the apology, my feeling was hurt already and that's sth nobody would be able to make it up.

Poo 99 | 21st Sep 2005, 05:47 AM | Pootography | (1179 Reads)
I first went to Japan in 1985 for 3 weeks. My impression with Japan was very nice, places are clean, ppl r polite and the food r yummy :)
I travelling around Japan with 5 other friends and none of us could speak Japanese... . I never would imagine after the first encounter, I would be ended up living and studying in this country few years later......

Poo 99 | 18th Sep 2005, 21:40 PM | Travel Log | (522 Reads)

I think I m a born traveller, started going overseas since I was 19... and have to go overseas at least once a year (of course, the more the merrier, hahahah)

Been to : Nepal, Japan, Thailand, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, US, Taiwan.


Poo 99 | 18th Sep 2005, 20:11 PM | Travel Log | (598 Reads)
Europe - 1987
Actually this trip is a trip to tip-toe in European cities cos I spent 3 weeks but travelled to the following cities : UK (London), France (Paris & Nice), Italy (Milano & Venice), Germany (Munich), Austria (Salzburg & Vienna), Switzerland (Lucerne & Zurich), Greece & Brussels.

- my small backpack was taken by a man in the Paris Tourist information centre, I was so scared that I just pointed at him and said "this is my bag" then the man (abt 6 ft tall) took a look at me then put down my bag and walked out of the door leaving me trembling at the spot.
- at the subway at Paris, a black guy touched my bump before alighting the train, and I was again
- met a very nice French lady who was willing to talk to us in English and showed us all the way travelling on train to Versailles
- French guys are not hunky, and French ladies are not so charming as portraited by the movie / magazines...

- Nice is a very nice place full of holiday makers. I like it alot especially when I went to Nice after Paris where ppl r cold and not friendly.

- The BMW museum is a must for car fans to go.
- any pubs in Germany is like the Ocktober Fest.... with 1 litred beer in my right hand and a pretzel in my left hand.

- the immgiration process at the pier is so disorganised that everyone squeezed in trying to get the embarkation done.. Eventually we missed the liner and had to spend one more day in Athens.
- Even it's summer, the sea water could be as cold as the defrosting water from the fridge, we could hardly swim in the sea

- the lodging place we rented has no water heater, the water tank keeps the water heated by the sun during the day. If someone consumed too much heated water, the last one would have to take cold shower

- friends said there's B&B (Bed & Breakfast) all around Victoria Station yet I was unable to find ONE! Luckily I bumped into an STA tour group who offered me to stay with them (cos they have a bed spared). I even enjoyed the free breakfast from them before heading to the airport
- to fulfill my 'brandname" complex, I shopped at Harrods for a Mickey Mouse T-shirt at 10 GBP.

Poo 99 | 18th Sep 2005, 00:32 AM | Travel Log | (646 Reads)
I like travelling alot, my friends said I have itchy feet --> can't stay at a place for too long.....Since started working in SG, all my holiday destination is the same - HONG KONG!
Well, I was born and brought up in HK, of course I could find loads and tons of fun things and fun people to spend my holiday with. And, my parents are around 70 and 80, I think I should see them more often as long as I could afford the air ticket.
Yet, I still could steal/squeeze some time to travel to the nearby countries. My first trip was to Bangkok. Early July, I went to Kuala Lumpur with my SG friend and my Malaysian friend - 13 yrs after my first & last visit.

Poo 99 | 15th Sep 2005, 18:09 PM | Cultural Difference | (853 Reads)

I am a chinese, born and brought up in HK.  I remembered Mom scolded my elder sister for polishing her nails, accusing that it's something only done by prostitute. 

Later, when I found out she's using the bra which needs to be loosened at the front, I also thought that's something only used by sex worker, decent ladies should not be using those "abnormal" attires....


Poo 99 | 15th Sep 2005, 15:48 PM | Poolog | (399 Reads)
Had tea with a 23-yr-old Singaporean girl today. When talking about life goal and job preference, she told me about her cousins. She said that most of her cousins already had great achievement at her age.
Actually when I was at her age, I was contented with life and didn't know what's my goal in life.  My target was to travel to as many countries as possible - went to work everyday, waited for pay-days, saved up money and annual leaves to travel overseas.  Used up the money and holidays, back home and repeated that cycle again and again.