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Poo 99 | 31st Oct 2005, 14:44 PM | Cultural Difference, Pootography | (3838 Reads)
好耐沒有打中文,看看今天要用多久才能寫出我想寫的東西 2.11pm
新加坡人的廣東話,英文和國語,全都有很濃的新加坡口音, 亦刻意不去講這裡的俚語,方言. 因為我不想被影響, 仍然以身為香港人為榮哩~
新加坡及馬來西亞都有很多人會說廣東話,但當然與香港人有些出入.有些人的廣東話很標準, 但一去到某些用詞,立即會知道他們不是我的同鄉
一早 (倒塔咁早)    - 七早八早 (果然好早!!!)
一直向前行          - 直直走
冇所謂                - 唔緊要 冇相干 (of course la,我個肝冇傷到~~)
黑口黑面             - 面臭臭
唔會啦                - 冇事啦 唔曉 (唔代表佢地唔識喎,咪會錯意)
上(一)次              -上擺
去觀光,旅行         - 去[撩]
你都係唔掂啦       - you cannot make it
頂唔順啦             - cannot take it
走未呀?              - 返未? (返屋企未)
飲唔飲0野          -  飲水冇
肚痾                  - 痾肚
宵夜                  - supper
晚飯         - dinner
take away    - 打包 (我啋!)
暫時只諗到這裡,再有再寫.... (已用了超過30分鐘)
Now you know why my blog is mostly in English

Poo 99 | 30th Oct 2005, 17:27 PM | Cultural Difference | (748 Reads)

Singapore is a very causal country. Especially when y company is a US based MNC (Multi National Corporate). It's even more relax

In Singapore, we wear smart casual attire from Monday to Thursday. And casual day on Friday as many other companies in Hong Kong. But here, we can wear casually even on the day before public holidays.

Originally, 1 November is "Deepavali"(Indian New Year) and 3 November is "Hari Raya Puasa"(Malay New Year). Hence we should be having an entire casual week for the whole next week!!

Whole week don't have to iron clothes~~

Yet.....we received an email from the HR.....


Poo 99 | 28th Oct 2005, 17:18 PM | Pooparazzi | (656 Reads)

When I m overseas, always have foreigners asking about my home country. The hottest topic was the difference before and after 1997 and the political environment of Hong Kong.

There are staff from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong in my office. And as I m staying at the backpackers' hostel, always meeting with travellers from all over the world.

Sometimes ppl will say, "Hong Kong is noisy, dirty and crowded.....why don't u move to xxxxxxxxxxxx?"

Yes, I agree that Hong Kong is noisy, dirty and ppl r rude sometimes. I still like it cos HK is my home... whether it's bad, old or ugly.....

Poo 99 | 28th Oct 2005, 11:22 AM | Pootography | (2000 Reads)
無線新聞主題曲中的摩斯密碼係乜 (閱讀全文)

Poo 99 | 27th Oct 2005, 16:07 PM | Pootography | (1629 Reads)

我沒有吃匀所有日清系列的麵食,但個人口味偏愛... ...

1. 要煮的....原味麻油一丁(紅色包裝)


3.碗麵...出前一丁豬骨濃湯麵.....仲要送隻旦(真是超值呢!!) (深綠色包裝)


Poo 99 | 22nd Oct 2005, 20:35 PM | Poolog | (650 Reads)

安南先生投訴是次的捐助者至現時為止只應和聯合國呼籲的$312美元需款的12%,相比起去年在印度洋海嘯發生後短短十日便已籌得80%的需款大相逕庭。 (摘自2005年10月21日新加坡TODAY)


Poo 99 | 22nd Oct 2005, 10:27 AM | Pootography | (2827 Reads)

自小媽媽便教我們[千祈不要穿人字拖,會弄得腳趾不好看], 也因此,我家從未有一對.....




Poo 99 | 21st Oct 2005, 15:38 PM | Pooparazzi | (452 Reads)

Mr Annan warned that an "immediate and exceptional escalation of hte global relief effort" ws needed to protect people from the merciless Humalayan winter.........

......................Mr Annan also complained that donors had ony made firm commitments of 12% of the UN flash appeal of US$312 million, while the Asian tsunami appeal last December had been more than 80% funded within 10 days of the disaster.

(qouted TODAY Singapore 21 October 2005)

中文版: 喀什米爾地震
(Special Thanks to 金婆婆)


Poo 99 | 21st Oct 2005, 12:18 PM | Cultural Difference | (868 Reads)

Hari Raya 開齋節

Hari Raya Light-up at Geylang Serai & Hari Raya Festive Bazaar at Geylang SeraiDate: 5 Oct to 2 Nov
Time: From 7:30 pm onwards
Geylang Serai comes alive, decorated with bejewelled lights. You'll find the welcoming atmosphere as warm and bright as the lights themselves!

The festive bazaar offers a wide variety of Malay delicacies, traditional clothing and textiles, household and decora

tive items, all in preparation for the Hari Raya celebration. An experience not to be missed!

Getting There: MRT: Alight at Paya Lebar MRT Station


Poo 99 | 20th Oct 2005, 13:34 PM | Poolog | (831 Reads)