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Poo 99 | 24th Jun 2007, 23:27 PM | Poolog | (937 Reads)

Few months back, I changed job because I wanted to find a job that I could practise more on my Japanese. 

Although the job I changed was not an ideal one, I managed to practise my conversational Japanese on a day-to-day basis.  And of course I could notice that my Japanese became more fluent than before when I only served the Cantonese and English markets.

At my 2nd job, customers called and they always asked,
"Are you a local?"
I would say, "Nope."
"Where are you from?"
"Can't you tell?"
"Hong Kong!"

8 out of them customers would have guessed correctly. It's because they said I have strong Hongkong accent in my Englishemoticon.  Some would say my Cantonese is beautiful...emoticon Some Mandarin speakers changed to speak English after I struggled hard with my limited Mandarinemoticon

When customers said I have strong Hong Kong accent whether I spoke Cantonese, English or Mandarin, I would always reply, "I tried very hard to maintain my hometown accent.emoticon"


Poo 99 | 17th Jun 2007, 23:03 PM | Poolog | (913 Reads)

 從友人的博誌看到取名算命的網址, 輸入自己的資料...

爱 情 观:
  纯 情 与 激 情 的 结 合
  -- 你是天真纯朴 . 为对方牺牲的人,你是纵使被骗,仍会为对方牺牲自己的「有牺牲自我精神」者,所以诚实且忠心是做你恋人的第一条件, 花心巧言令色的人要敬而远之.且对方要有包容力,才能容忍动不懂就发脾气的你,最好是能让你撒娇的人.
** 你 的 理 想 对 象 是 有 包 容 力 的 人 **
  ☆☆☆☆ 双鱼座得纯情不用怀疑,但却多情的可以同时对很多人发挥他的高纯情指数,外加持久。一鱼多吃,是双鱼的最佳写照。加上特别容易感动,只要跟情感有关的事,都会让他们很有感触。虽然很美很浪漫,却是危险的。
魅  力:



Poo 99 | 12th Jun 2007, 14:43 PM | Poolog | (819 Reads)

When I started this blog, I was thinking to write something about my life in  Singapore, my personal viewpoints on daily life experiences. 

Now and then I would get some enquiries about living / working in Singapore.....


Poo 99 | 8th Jun 2007, 21:36 PM | Poolog | (800 Reads)

Farewelled two companies within 1/2 a year is quite a record for myself.   As I've mentioned before, I didn't realise I don't have many friends in my old company until I left.emoticon

Although I only worked for four months in this company, I found that my colleagues are very nice and friendly to me.emoticon I received greetings and blessings for the whole day today.emoticonemoticon 

Even the tea lady and the toilet lady asked me to take care and wished me good luck.  This company is really warm.emoticon


Poo 99 | 6th Jun 2007, 10:30 AM | Travel Log | (777 Reads)

Navy Open House 2007  
Venue : Changi Naval Base
Date : 26-27 May 2007
Time : 9am - 7pm

Poo in front of RSS Persistence Landing Ship Tank

The weather was too good and sunny -  about 32 degrees.  And stingy Poo queued up 1.5 hours under the burning hot sun without shade for a less than 10 minutes free ride at Duck Tour.emoticon 

But it's the first time I had a chance to board vessels and tanks and chatted with the navy crews, quite a new and interesting experience.

Navy Open House 2007

Poo 99 | 3rd Jun 2007, 12:13 PM | Cultural Difference | (1130 Reads)

2 June, I was invited to a Malay wedding.  That was the very first time of my life to attend a Malay (muslim) wedding, so I was quite excited. emoticon

While we were looking for the venue, we heard loud music coming from afar, as we walked towards the soundemoticon, we located the venue - void deck (open space) of the public housing.

Approaching the place, I saw many muslim people and not too many Chinese.  Then I saw my friend and the bridegroom were busy taking photos with the guests.  Of course I wanted to take photo with them too emoticon. The bride was holding a bouquet while the bridegroom is holding a malay weapon as a symbol of hero.

Similar to the tea-drinking session for seniors in Chinese weddings, the malay couple have to nose-touched the parents-in-law one by one.

After taking photos with the decoration, the couple, the guests and food, we started eatingemoticon.

It's a buffet and we went to pick the food ourselves.  I went with two petit malay ladies and they took the food after me.  I simply took the quantity as my normal appetite......when I looked behind, the both of them took so little food (the food on my plate = the both of their platesemoticon).  Anyway, I couldn't return the food onto the container already, so I just brought it back to my table.

The wedding couple has a nicely decorated dinning table with the food already prepared.  Then they ate with cutlery (while malay people normally eat with hands).  After the meal, they went back to change their outfits while the guests would enjoy the karaoke emoticon

Then my malay friends suggested to leave. And I left after receiving the wedding souvenir from them. emoticon

It's a short attendance but it's a new and interesting experienceemoticon

emoticonCongratulations Ida emoticon Naeememoticon